Audit is an independent service primarily intended to serve you - the company owner or interested investor and provide reasonable assurance that the financial statements are presented fairly and accurately. Our assurance services provide clients with the necessary information and confidence to make effective and transparent decisions that impact their future activity.

Our audit methodology is based on the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) with an emphasis on:

  • Understanding of business from the standpoint of internal and external audit,
  • Determining the risk of material misstatement and controls aimed at error prevention,
  • Planning an audit of each individual Company's business in order to ensure realisation of the audit objectives,
  • Audit quality assurance through direct engagement of Mazars partners during the audit process.

Audit of Financial Statements

We audit individual and consolidated financial statements (statutory and voluntary) for different clients form different industries.

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Reviews of Financial Statements

Where an audit may not be necessary, we can assist you by performing a review of your financial statements and providing a limited form of assurance as to whether or not any material modifications should be made to those financial statements for them to be presented in accordance with IFRS, local GAAP or another comprehensive basis of accounting.

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Agreed-Upon Procedures

Where a client and/or a specified third party require financial information or an assertion of management to be independently verified, we can assist with the performance of an agreed-upon procedures engagement. In such an engagement, a report of findings is issued based upon the results of specific procedures, as agreed to by the client and other specified users related to the subject matter.

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Statutory changes audit

These audits are performed according to the Company’s Act Law, where subjects of Audit are companies or entrepreneurs that are involved with statutory changes (divisions, acquisitions, mergers, increasement of share capital)

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Group auditing

Group reporting audit is destined for the clients who regroup the financial statements of their subsidiaries for consolidation purpose.

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Audit of internal control systems

Audit of the process by which organizations maintain environments that encourage incorruptibility and prevent fraudulent activities by management and employees. This type of Audit helps to maximize effectiveness and efficiency by including activities that are tailored to the nature, size and complexity of the entity.

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IFRS advisory

The aim of IFRS Advisory is to answer multiple questions in the fields of Accounting and Audit, but also the question of the appropriate application of the Standards. IFRS represent a complex financial reporting framework, and our role is to provide the Client with the right explanations and advice in how to apply these Standards and also to confirm that they are fully compliant with the law.

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